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The Maid

You joined the clouds
When i was a toddler
Still sucking your breasts.

Tales told me that
You and papa
Once lived at the
Dark vaults of the nation.

I heard papa
Got drunk in lagoon’s womb
Returned without his breath
When penuries dawned on him.

Look at my eyes
Pale, pregnant
With weariness, unlike
My tears they never run dry.

Look at my hands
Skeletal and calloused
Like a sick egret, unlike
My dry tongue full
Of unsung elegies.

For ages now i have been
A servant of callous men
I wash their cars and clothes
Even my madam’s underwears.

They say the sweet things
Of life are not meant
For pieces of rag like me

But for their children
With shining skin
And golden teeth
Schooling across the shores.

Cold mornings
I will hawk bread on the streets
Sun-baked afternoons
I will hawk pure water
Nights i become a nocturnal
No sleep, over-labour beheads me.

How i wish i could
Re-enter inside your womb
Melt like wax
Flush out through your loins.



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